Our Masseurs and Escorts Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin_accepted_here_printableIn fact, we prefer Bitcoin.

All of our masseurs and escorts can accept Bitcoin ( instead of cash ) in person when they see you…  and/or we can accept payments in advance directly over the internet using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is cash….  electronic cash.  It can be used over the internet safely and instantaneously.  There are no fees for using Bitcoin because there are no banks involved.  Similarly, nobody needs to know your name or real identity when you use Bitcoin… unless you decide to tell them.  It’s super easy to use Bitcoin.  Just follow these links for more information and/or contact us for personalized handholding assistance at any time.bitcoin_logo

We enthusiastically welcome Bitcoin as “the money of the future” and we do all wecan to promote its use.  We’re happy to help talk you through how to get started using Bitcoin instead of credit cards or cash — no matter whether the transaction is in person or over the internet, whether its a payment or just sending money to a friend or relative, or whether it’s for one dollar or one million dollars.  Once you’ve done it once you’ll see that it’s literally just as easy as sending an email.






Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our new masseur and escort agency/directory.  We will be writing occasional updates and information here on our blog.  Please let us know your thoughts and feedback at any time, so that we can continually improve our services.   You can call or sms text to: +1 646-580-0069 or email to: service@hot1now.com

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